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ZetaSafe & ZetaMobile

A cloud based solution used to collect, manage and share
mission critical information and business intelligence.

ZetaSafe is the cloud based solution to accurately and efficiently collect, manage and share data for health, safety, quality and environmental compliance and quality control.

Collect: ZetaSafe® alongside its data collection application, ZetaMobile®, runs on PDAs, smart phones and tablets and allows field operatives/staff to capture data electronically.

Manage: Quickly manage your compliance and QC data. Provide your team with information that’s relevant to them. Custom Dashboards, email notifications and automated workflows are easy to set up. Save time and get more value from your data.

Share: Being web-based allows your team members, customers and partners to collaborate and share information  in real-time. Have the confidence of knowing that you are accurate and up to date.

Clear, intelligent information on risk helps you to manage the protection of people, places and assets.
Schedule and Collect data using PDA barcode readers or smartphones. Manage the status of your assets and monitor your compliance via your personalized ZetaSafe dashboard on your tablet or PC. Share business critical information via powerful reporting tools.


  • Real time access
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Clear reports and graphs
  • Condense, extensive data
  • Share concise results
  • Personalize your dashboard


  • Document tagging
  • Assign keywords to each file
  • Document association
  • Tag assets, places and notifications
  • Document expiry
  • Manage insurances and certificates

Task Result

  • Computational results
  • Result calculations
  • Automatic averages, sums, etc.
  • Input masking
  • Define how users enter data
  • Maintain consistency


  • Global search
  • Find files by title or keyword
  • Advanced search
  • Sort by filters or by wildcarded name

Data Collection

  • Free text answers
  • Support texts to the field tech
  • Collect computational results
  • Define how data must be entered
  • Upload photos via the handheld
  • Link photos to notes and activity

Data Management

  • Filter and sort
  • Export to Excel
  • Compliance “Warning” status
  • Scheduled work failures
  • Risk ratings
  • Spatial integrity


  • Watch alerts
  • Multiple users can view activity
  • Enhance delegation and collaboration
  • Image upload via the handheld
  • Share data visually

Security &

  • State of the art programming
  • Increased connectivity and security
  • Password policy
  • User profiles

Scheduling & Workflow

  • Mobilize the field team
  • Sophisticated schedules
  • Per task instructions
  • Schedule hourly and/or weekday only
  • Schedule on select days
  • Customizable notification workflows

Design & Navigation

  • Intuitive navigation and user interface
  • Always close to critical information
  • Maximizes ROI
  • Content Navigation
  • Breadcrumb Trail

Automated Prioritization

  • Automatically prioritize action alerts
  • Prioritize based on risk factors
  • Risk ratings
  • Analysis of emergent risks
  • Basis of Zeta Intelligence™


  • Greater control and visibility
  • Logic functions and processes
  • Provide prioritized management info
  • Reduce time and costs
Comprehensive statutory compliance & asset collection solution, including electronic logbooks. Collect, Manage and Share your vital data. Efficient, effective and accurate, ZetaSafe gives peace of mind to Estate, Asset & Facilities Managers.
Integrated – Intelligent – Intuitive

ZetaSafe can be extensively configured to your exact needs: data collection, terminology, action alerts, escalation levels and timings may all be customized. Dashboard views and reports can be tailored to show precisely what you wish to see.

ZetaSafe can integrate to other corporate systems such as maintenance management, workforce scheduling and accounting ledgers.

SEER’s ZetaSafe is the ‘one-stop’ solution to all your compliance headaches.

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