Laboratory - SEER and ZetaSafe
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Data management solution for you to ensure
quality control, safety, and efficiency in your laboratory.  

SEER is the global provider of laboratory safety and compliance solutions. SEER’s approach to maintaining compliance is radically different from the conventional method. Forget about old-fashioned logbooks and checklists. We take your paper forms and automate them. ZetaSafe, our cloud-based platform, manages your safety and compliance data so that you can see it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

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Below are 4 platforms SEER offers to ensure safety and quality in your lab. Call us today to find out how SEER can help you maintain a compliant and efficient laboratory.

Quality Control Management Platform

The Quality Control Platform manages equipment in laboratories. This platform schedules, monitors, manages and documents equipment maintenance, calibration and sanitation activities.

The QC Platform provides management with critical compliance and QC information as well as directs lab manager’s review of internal compliance initiatives and activities.

Let SEER keep your lab compliant.

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Statistical Process Control Platform

The Statistical Process Control platform manages laboratories’ Daily Process Controls and Lab Control Samples as required to maintain SPC charting data. Fed up with LIMS? ZetaSafe is for you.

It eliminates redundant activities by sharing test data between labs on items that require validation.

Ensure safety and quality.

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Media and Chemistry Traceability Platform

The Media Traceability Platform combines data collected for media volume control, autoclave run log, media quality control forms and eliminates the need to log this information into Lab Tracker. In addition to data on all source materials, Media Traceability contains individual configurations for each media type or additive.

The inventory of Source Materials is maintained in real time. This information is utilized to manage baseline, expiring, or discarded inventory. This platform will provide the information needed to prevent waste by eliminating the over production of source media materials.

SEER’s ZetaSafe is the ‘one-stop’ solution to all your compliance headaches.

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Proficiency Testing (PT) – Z Score Tracking

Proficiency Test results are contained and displayed in a single database. Corporate Quality Group will be alerted if a lab’s Z Score is ABS| 2 | or ABS| 3 |.

The platform will monitor scheduled PT rounds and provide advance warning should a lab fall below the required number PT events in order to maintain their certifications. Access and viewing controls are in place to allow labs to access only their individual lab PT data.

Total visibility, anytime, anywhere.

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