Predictive Analytics - SEER and ZetaSafe
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Predictive Analytics

You can see the future

Solve problems before they occur. 


Dashboards give you the ability to visualize your statistical process control and manage by exception across machine types and locations. Don’t worry about flipping through paper checklists or digital spreadsheets; be alerted when it becomes time to direct your attention towards a quality control issue.

SEER Dashboards give the ability to create customized reports and widgets so that you can easily view:

  • Compliance trends across locations
  • Variations in compliance over a specified time duration
  • Common malfunctions or task failures
  • Statuses of designated Key Performance Indicators
  • Upcoming tasks to be completed

SEER enables you to do more with less in our world of tightening budgets, and to be confident that you are getting the maximum value for each dollar spent maintaining and repairing your built environment.

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