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Maximize your productivity and avoid complications
arising from compliance checking.

The total Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) for a manufacturing company is, on average, 20% of gross profit. SEER can help you in avoiding the non-value-added activities associate with poor quality – Scrap/Rework, Warranty Costs, Lost Revenue, and Production Downtime to name the obvious.


One of the biggest impediments to minimizing these costs is time – the lag between when a poor quality event occurs and when it is visible to management in an actionable way so they can intervene with the proper corrective action (CAPA). SEER doesn’t reduce the aforementioned time – it eliminates it with:


  • Continuous, real-time awareness of poor quality events, which helps you in         minimizing your loss exposure


  • Statistical process control (SPC), which can help you predict and intervene        before a poor quality event occurs


  • A Process Sheet Light Module, allowing small-medium size manufacturing        companies to graduate from managing batch process sheets on paper            without breaking the bank

SEER enables you to do more with less in our world of tightening budgets, and to be confident that you are getting the maximum value for each dollar spent maintaining and repairing your built environment.

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