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Diagnostic Imaging Machine QC

A better way to manage quality and compliance

Remote Monitoring Dashboard

Consolidate your QC review to a single dashboard. Receive email and dashboard notifications on failures and corrective actions. Review your QC anywhere with SEER’s trusted cloud service. Manage by exception with SEER.


Whether the JOC, FDA, or State Auditor, SEER’s data management solution allows users to pull up exactly what information they need instantly!

  • NO Searching for paperwork!
  • NO Gaps in records

Corrective actions are tracked and documented to completion. Let SEER remove the stress from audits.



SEER’s monitoring platform tracks machine performance and creates early alert of a machine performance and creates early alert of a machine bias or trend. Save your hospital money by actively monitoring performance before they become problems.

Proven to save machine downtime, improve QC reporting efficiency, and reduce human error.

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