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Instill a food safety program that you can trust.
Generate automatic inspection reports to know where you stand in an audit.

Be Prepared for Inspections

When DHEC comes to your business, you want to be certain you will pass the inspection. Using SEER’s data management solution, you can complete restaurant audits on your phone or tablet and automatically generate a report based on your results. Be confident when it comes to health and food safety inspections.

Keep Track of
Daily Activities

Set daily tasks to keep track of daily activities such as cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floor, etc. Have pictures uploaded instantly to make sure that the cleanliness of your business is up to your standards. With SEER, you can manage your restaurant even when you are not there.

Protect Your

These days, the reputation of your business’s brand is just as important as your product. With help from SEER, you can be certain that your brand consistently promotes quality. Food safety, health inspections, and quality service can now be managed easily. Let SEER help you be confident in your brand.

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Manage Food Safety, Health Inspections, and Customer Service from Your Phone or Tablet. Be Confident in Your Business’s Compliance Program. Contact SEER Today.

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