Healthcare - SEER and ZetaSafe
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SEER brings a new level of transparency
and accountability to your healthcare environment.

SEER uses mobile data collection, digital image capture and dashboard technologies to provide a clear, real-time dashboard view of what’s happening on the ground across your facility and organization.


SEER streamlines your life safety and barrier management programs, saving you hundreds of hours per year otherwise spent manually completing the same tasks.

  • Clinical quality monitoring
  • EOC rounds
  • Mock surveys
  • Patient tracers
  • Building maintenance program
  • EVS audits
  • ICRA inspections
  • and more

Legacy paper and/or spreadsheet-based systems could never provide this level of control and understanding. This real-time visibility from SEER enables you to:

  • Achieve a constant state of readiness for accreditation surveys
  • Achieve your continuous quality improvement goals
  • Inspire a culture of positive behavioral change in your clinical staff
  • Redirect efforts toward more value-added activities than chasing paper

SEER enables you to do more with less in our world of tightening budgets, and to be confident that you are getting the maximum value for each dollar spent maintaining and repairing your built environment.

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