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Facilities / Estate

An efficient and reliable way to ensure that all
routine monitoring and maintenance is taking place.

Your buildings, grounds and equipment may be complex by their very nature or by the way they have evolved over time; your estate may well be dispersed over a series of sites. In these circumstances, SEER provides an efficient, reliable way to ensure that all routine monitoring and maintenance is taking place and that you are escalating items for action.

For some Asset Managers , you may have a tier of responsibilities similar to the above – and  may also be accountable for the productive output of physical resources within your domain. In addition to the compliance and cost minimization benefits of SEER’s ZetaSafe, harness its power to optimize potential revenues from your Assets.

Facilities Management Providers often have contracts with a variety of clients in different sectors each with differing requirements. SEER’s proactive account development means it can be adapted to achieve each contract’s unique needs to improve overall operational effectiveness and client satisfaction. Collect, Manage and Share all of your compliance data in one single paperless workflow. Remove the risk of human error and ensure compliance across your client portfolio.


SEER enables you to do more with less in our world of tightening budgets, and to be confident that you are getting the maximum value for each dollar spent maintaining and repairing your built environment.

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