Data Security - SEER and ZetaSafe
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Data Security

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

We use a multi-layered approach to protect your key information;
constantly monitoring and improving our application, systems and processes
to meet the growing demands and challenges of security.

Secure Data Centers

Dedicated servers at top-tier data centers with carrier-level support, to a SSAE16 (Previously SAS70) level of compliance.

Access Control

Data centers have 24-hr manned security with biometric hand scanners, a pass code system and video surveillance.

Environmental Controls

Redundant (N1) HVAC systems with environmental hazard sensors, including smoke and floor water detectors.

Fire Detection

A thorough fire detection and suppression system (Hi-Fog Nitrogen) and fire extinguishers are stationed in the data center.

Power & Utilities

Underground utility power feed with battery backup, redundant UPS systems, diesel generators and on-site diesel fuel storage.

Network Protection

Cisco based switches running HSRP, connected by multiple links to Tier 1 providers, with firewalls and intrusion detection.

Secure Transmissions

Encrypted via SSL 3.0 / TLS 1.0 (Public Key: RSA 2048 bit encryption). Client IDs and robust password systems for users.

Third-Party Testing

Application and network vulnerability threat assessments. Selected penetration testing and code review. Security framework review and testing

Disaster Recovery

Real-time replication to disk utilizing a RAID configuration. Managed backups with 14 day retention for real-time recovery.

Backups & Archives

Daily full data backups captured and securely transmitted off-site for archiving. Backups are securely destroyed when retired